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Get account


Path Parameters

    account_id stringrequired

Query Parameters

    include_raw_data boolean

    Whether to include raw data fetched from the 3rd party provider.

    Example: true
    associations_to_fetch string[]

    List of associated objects to attempt to fetch associations for. Only relevant for hubspot and when read_from_cache is false.

Header Parameters

    x-customer-id stringrequired

    The customer ID that uniquely identifies the customer in your application

    Example: my-customer-1
    x-provider-name stringrequired

    The provider name

    Example: salesforce



    addresses object[]required
  • Array [
  • address_type stringrequired

    Possible values: [primary, mailing, other, billing, shipping]

    city stringnullablerequired
    country stringnullablerequired
    postal_code stringnullablerequired
    state stringnullablerequired
    street_1 stringnullablerequired
    street_2 stringnullablerequired
  • ]
  • description stringnullablerequired
    id stringrequired
    industry stringnullablerequired
    last_activity_at date-timenullablerequired
    name stringnullablerequired
    number_of_employees integernullablerequired
    owner_id stringnullablerequired
    phone_numbers object[]required
  • Array [
  • phone_number stringnullablerequired
    phone_number_type stringrequired

    Possible values: [primary, mobile, fax, other]

  • ]
  • lifecycle_stage lifecycle_stagenullablerequired

    Possible values: [subscriber, lead, marketingqualifiedlead, salesqualifiedlead, opportunity, customer, evangelist, other]

    website stringnullablerequired
    created_at date-timenullablerequired
    updated_at date-timenullablerequired
    is_deleted booleanrequired
    last_modified_at date-timerequired