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Category: engagement

Supaglue uses the Outreach v2 API.

Authentication (oauth2)Yes
Managed syncsYes
    Sync strategies(listed below)
Unified APIYes
    Data invalidationYes
Real-time eventsNo
Passthrough APIYes

Supported common objects:

ObjectSoft delete supportedSync strategy
UsersNo*Full or Incremental
ContactsNo*Full or Incremental
SequencesNo*Full or Incremental
Sequences StatesN/AN/A
MailboxesNo*Full or Incremental

[*] Soft deletes are supported if the sync strategy is "Full"

Supported standard objects:


Supported custom objects:


Provider setup

The fastest way to get started with Outreach is to use Supaglue's managed app option (which is enabled by default). This allows Supaglue to automatically configure and manage the OAuth connection between your Outreach and Supaglue accounts.

If you want to use your own Outreach App with Supaglue (recommended for production environments)

, you'll need to create a new app in their Outreach Development portal and set up OAuth API access.

  1. Navigate to and create a new App.

  2. Under Feature Selection, check the Oauth API Access option.

  3. Copy the Application ID and Secret -- you'll need these when configuring the Outreach connection in Supaglue.

  4. Set the Callback URI to

  5. Select the API Scopes you need. Here are some scopes that are recommended:

  • accounts.all
  • emailAddresses.all
  • mailboxes.all
  • sequences.all
  • sequenceSteps.all
  • sequenceStates.all
  • templates.all
  • prospects.all
  • phoneNumbers.all
  • users.all
  1. Save the app.

  2. Navigate to and create a new Outreach provider under Connectors > Providers.o

  3. Paste the Application ID and Secret from your Outreach app, and the scopes you want. (Or use the managed app option if you prefer).