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List users



List users


Query Parameters

    include_raw_data boolean

    Whether to include raw data fetched from the 3rd party provider.

    Example: true
    read_from_cache boolean

    Whether to read from Supaglue's Managed Destination cache or to read directly from the provider.

    NOTE: read_from_cache=true requires you to have the object synced to the Supaglue Managed Destination.

    Example: true
    modified_after date-time

    If provided, will only return objects modified after this datetime. Datetime must be in ISO 8601 format and URI encoded.

    Example: 2023-02-23T00:00:00Z
    page_size string

    Number of results to return per page. (Max: 1000)

    Example: 123
    cursor string

    The pagination cursor value

    Example: cD0yMDIxLTAxLTA2KzAzJTNBMjQlM0E1My40MzQzMjYlMkIwMCUzQTAw

Header Parameters

    x-customer-id stringrequired

    The customer ID that uniquely identifies the customer in your application

    Example: my-customer-1
    x-provider-name stringrequired

    The provider name

    Example: salesforce


Paginated Leads

    pagination objectrequired
    next stringnullablerequired
    previous stringnullablerequired
    total_count number
    records object[]required
  • Array [
  • id stringrequired
    name stringnullablerequired
    email stringnullablerequired
    is_active booleannullablerequired
    created_at date-timenullablerequired
    updated_at date-timenullablerequired
    is_deleted booleanrequired
    last_modified_at date-timerequired
  • ]