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Supaglue: open source product integrations platform

Supaglue is an open-source platform that helps you build native product integrations with your customers' SaaS tools. It provides a suite of developer tools and APIs to help you sync data into your application database or data warehouse and write directly to your customers' SaaS tools.

Supaglue works out-of-the-box with managed authentication, monitoring and logging tools, and a growing library of extensible SaaS connectors.


Integration patterns

Supaglue provides 2 ways for building your product integration. These can be used independently or together:

  • Managed syncs – sync data from your customers' SaaS tools into your application on a schedule, or on-demand.
  • Unified API – read and write to multiple third-party providers with a single API.

Use cases

  • Lead scoring - sync CRM records into your application to power your AI/ML models.
  • CRM enrichment - create or update contacts, accounts, tasks, and metrics in your customers' CRM and sales engagement tools.
  • Workflow automation add prospects to email sequences in sales engagement tools.

How it works

You can integrate Supaglue with your application in about 5 minutes via our quickstart:

  1. Create a Supaglue Cloud account here.
  2. Configure your integration scopes and OAuth credentials, or use one of our managed OAuth apps.
  3. Create a Supaglue customer.
  4. Connect a customer's SaaS platform to your app through a managed authentication option.
  5. Configure a Managed Sync or start using the Unified API.


Who should use Supaglue?
Supaglue is useful for developers at B2B SaaS companies who are building native product integrations with their customers' SaaS tools.
Why is this better than building in-house?
Supaglue helps you ship product integrations 10x faster:
  • Supaglue fully manages your customer's authentication flow and handles refreshing access tokens.
  • Supaglue handles the rate limits, response errors, and other idiosyncrasies of different SaaS APIs, so you don't have to.
  • Supaglue normalizes responses across multiple providers, so you don't have to build this abstraction layer yourself.
  • Supaglue provides unified APIs and common schemas, so you only have to do the integration work once.
  • Supaglue comes out of the box with tools for managing customers, configuring integrations, and monitoring connection health.
Can I self-host Supaglue?
Yes, please reach out to us in Slack or at so we can better understand your environment and help you get set up.
Are you planning to support X integration?
We support several dozen providers today and have many more on our roadmap. Let us know if a specific provider is not on the list, and we will try to prioritize!
What's on your product roadmap?
Our product roadmap and long-term version is here. We welcome suggestions and feature requests.


MIT License.