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Roadmap & contributing

Our vision

Business today rely on dozens, sometimes hundreds of SaaS tools, to run their businesses. Modern SaaS products exist within a larger ecosystem, and supporting native integrations to other tools has become a table stakes requirement.

Having built user-facing integrations ourselves, we know that building integrations can be painful and time-consuming. Our mission at Supaglue is to make building integrations fast, seamless, and extensible. Our immediate goal is to help developers ship integrations in days rather than months. We're starting with CRM and sales integrations, and plan to expand to other categories in the future.

Our longer-term vision is to become the connected layer for all business applications. We took an open-source approach because we believe that this connected layer should be transparent, and that open source and community contributions is the only way to support the long-tail of SaaS connectors that businesses need.


You can find our public roadmap on our Github.

If there's something you like or have an idea for a feature, join our Slack and let us know! We'd love to hear from you.


Supaglue is a community project: we welcome all kinds of contributions to help with our development.

Here are some ways to contribute:

  • Slack - Discuss Supaglue with the team and other developers
  • Github - File bug reports and make code contributions
  • Twitter - Get the latest news and announcements

If you have questions, ideas, or feedback, reach out to us on Slack. We're a friendly group of folks based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Drop by a say 👋 or grab a ☕️ with one of our teammates.

Supaglue ❤️