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transform step diagramtransform step diagram

At a high level, integrating with third-party SaaS tools involves three steps:

  1. Syncing data
  2. Transforming data
  3. Querying data

The tutorials here cover the second step: transformations. We will cover tutorials for common transformations and provide reference code you can run and use to get started with your application.

Types of transformations

You will likely want to run different transformations on the raw data that Supaglue syncs. The transformations range from simple ones (like renaming fields) to complex ones (like fetching data from external resources). Below are common transformations:

Triggering and running transformations

Use notification webhooks to trigger transformations on sync completion.

transformation stepstransformation steps

We wrote a Listen for webhooks tutorial that goes more in-depth. You can also follow one of our Recipes for pairing your Nextjs or Typescript app with a workflow engine to build a reliable transformation pipeline: