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Category: engagement

Supaglue uses the Gong V2 API.

Authentication (access_key_secret)Yes
Managed syncsYes
    Sync strategies(listed below)
Unified APINo
    Data invalidationNo
Real-time eventsNo
Passthrough APIYes

Supported common objects:


Supported standard objects:

ObjectSoft delete supportedSync strategy
callNo*Full or Incremental
detailedCallNo*Full or Incremental

[*] Soft deletes are supported if the sync strategy is "Full"

Supported custom objects:


Provider setup

To connect to your customers' Gong instances, you'll need to update the redirect URL to point to Supaglue and fetch the API access credentials in your Gong developer account.

Add Redirect URL to your Gong integration.

Supaglue provides a redirect URL to send information to your integration. To add the redirect URL to your Gong integration:

  1. Log in to your Gong developer account:
  2. Click "MANAGE APPS", and edit your integration.


  1. Under "REDIRECT URI NEEDED FOR...", paste Supaglue's redirect URL:
  2. Check the following scopes under "Scopes":

    Required for reads:

    • api:calls:read:basic
    • api:calls:read:extensive
    • api:calls:read:transcript
  3. Click Save to update your changes.

Fetch Gong Integration credentials

Copy the Client ID, Client secret, and scopes (comma-separated), and paste them into the Gong configuration form in the management portal.